Un-Contained was conceived, designed and built by hand by the sculptor Phillip Rae-Scott (b. 1991). Thirteen months in the making, it is the artist’s largest and most ambitious work to date. A prize-winning artist, Philip’s work features in collections in Switzerland, Spain and the UK. Philip has no team and makes all of his work himself.

Un-Contained’s origins lie in Philip’s experience of cutting corrugated steel for the roof of his Dorset studio. He has a long-standing interest in weathering steel (better known as cortex) and its painterly natural ageing process. Curious to experiment with the material but prohibited by its cost, Philip came across a seemingly useless batch of reclaimed shipping container off-cuts on eBay and acquired it.

The container off-cuts were actually sold and provided by Warrington Self Storage. Please visit www.philiprae-scott.co.uk if you want to explore more of Philips work.

Un-Contained Video documentary